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Achieved Personal Best

Josh Stone

"Like many runners, I had been searching for a competitive edge to take my training to the next level. I was not ready to commit to a coach but needed more than a basic training plan and Achieve was just the solution I’d been looking for. Since using Achieve, I have been able to knowledgably adjust my training intensity and volume and bring my marathon time down 8 minutes in a matter of months. Knowing that my estimations and goals are based on thorough analysis and feedback from the work that I put in during each run provided me an added level of confidence going into race day. Two thumbs up as you, too, will Achieve your racing goals."
--Josh Stone

Identified Areas for Improvement

"ACHIEVE provided me data that was informative and insightful and allowed me to adjust my training in real time. Using my Garmin data, ACHIEVE provided feedback on multiple aspects of my training, making it easy to identify the areas that needed improvement. For example, the marathon I chose to race had a lot of ups and downs, so monitoring the normalized hill fitness factor was important. Being an ‘old school runner’ this product provided me new ways to analyze how I train. I would recommend ACHIEVE to those looking for a metric based method for improvement."
--Mike Millington

Personalized Feedback to Guide Your Training


"As a recreational and middle-of-the pack runner, I have a tendency to be a bit complacent in my training. ACHIEVE helped me realize how realistic my race goals were and where I needed to focus to make my races a success. As a scientist myself, I really appreciate how data-driven this tool is. The data is personalized, giving me confidence in the reports. The constant feedback helps keep me motivated, too. And, since I'm a bit competitive, I really enjoy having a goal to meet or beat. If you are looking for a new tool to motivate, inform, and guide your training, then look no further than ACHIEVE!"
--Katie Gillies



ACHIEVE was founded by graduate students at MIT Sloan School of Management. ACHIEVE's AI-powered platform helps runners train and compete better. We are currently in beta, so if you are training for a marathon or long-distance race and want an AI-powered coach to help you achieve your goals, sign up to join our private beta waitlist.